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Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo of HCW Halls Cabinet Works.
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It is the nature of any business which produces a physical product, to provide both a quality product as well as a competitive price for that product.
At HCW, we feel that we have taken large steps towards solving the traditional problem of providing both quality and quantity. One step taken was to utilize some of the most modern computer operated machinery in the business. Through the use of these machines and our knowledgeable craftsmen, we can provide precise, quality casework at a high volume.
Please look over our facilities. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to H C W - Hall's Cabinet Works
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Panel Saw
Building 1
Main Stage Area - Machining
Point to Point
Building 2
Main Stage Area - Machining
Installation Dept.
Fourth Stage Area -
Installation Department
Sanding and Assembly
Building 2
Second Stage -
Sanding and Assembly
Paint Booth and Finish Department
Building 3
Paint Booth and Finish Department
Plastic Laminate and Surfacing Department
Building 1
Plastic Laminate and Solid Surfacing Department
Building 2
Sanding and Assembly
Building 5
Building 4
Fourth Stage Area -
Storage and Metal Fabrication

Building 1 - Main Stage Area
       Offices, cut-out, machining of parts, plastic department, edgebanding, etc.
Building 2- Second Stage Area
       Assembly and sanding departments.
Building 3 - Third Stage Area
       Painting and hardware assembly.
Building 4- Fourth Stage Area
       Storage facility for finished products, metal fabrication, and material storage.
Building 5- Last Stage Area
       Break room and storage facility.
163 Chapman-Hall Road | Bainbridge, GA 39817 | Phone: (229) 246-8193 | Fax: (229) 243-7109
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